Floods continue in Phichit


PHICHIT, June 15 – The Yom River is rising in Thailand’s northern province of Phichit, forcing farmers to harvest their not yet fully mature rice yield to prevent losses.

Flooding in the Yom River basin in Phichit’s Sam Ngam district remains critical and has spread more widely to cover low-lying areas due to further heavy rain and continued northern run-off flowing downstream from Phisanulok and Sukhothai.

The rising Yom River forced farmers to harvest off-season rice yields for fear of losses if the flood worsens.

Meanwhile, in the southern province of Trang, floods have receded in some areas. The situation is expected to return to normal in the next two days if there is neither rain nor an overly high tide.

Flooding has affected five subdistricts in the provincial seat. More than 150 houses along the Trang River are surrounded by water 20-50 centimetres deep.

As the flood started to recede, some residents have cleaned their houses, returning home from temporary shelters. The initial damages are estimated at about Bt10 million.