Flooding in Narathiwat – Governor expedites aid


NARATHIWAT, 12 January 2014 The Governor of Narathiwat Province, Mr. Natthapong Sirichana, the Deputy Governor of Narathiwat Province, Mr. Sitthichai Sakda, and relevant officials visited flood-stricken areas in Waeng and Su-ngai Kolok districts after continual heavy rain occurred throughout the past week. 

Heavy rain in Narathiwat caused the Buketa Canal to flood, inundating homes in five sub-districts and 20 villages, affecting over 1,088 households. Flood inundation has subsided as floodwater has flowed back into the Kolok River. However, the situation may deteriorate if heavy rain continues.

Mr. Natthapong has distributed aid packages to affected residents and instructed local administrative organizations to closely monitor the situation. Meanwhile, Mrs. Suchada Phannara, Su-ngai Kolok Municipality Mayor, has established a flood relief center at Tessaban 4 School to provide aid to affected residents living along the Kolok River. At the same time, Mr. Sakunsak Mada-o, Pasemat Sub-district Municipality Mayor, is inspecting areas along the Kolok River and warning local residents to remain cautious as an influx of water along the river is likely to occur tonight (January 12, 2014).