Flooding in Ayutthaya could worsen as more rains are expected next month


AYUTTHAYA, 13 August 2011 -It has been speculated that if the water levels in Bhumibol and Sirikit dams will exceed their capacity, and the water will have to be relieved into the rivers downstream which could eventually exacerbate the flooding in Ayutthaya province. 

According to Mr. Maitri Pitinanon, Director of the Ayutthaya Royal Irrigation Project, the water levels in the Chaopraya and Pasak Rivers have been stable at the moment. However, whether the amount of water is set to increase or not will entirely depend on the amount of rain from September to October brought on by storms.

Authorities involved are not complacent about the current situation and will continue to monitor the rains. Water from the two dams would be released into the rivers by the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) only if the levels reach a critical point.

Ayutthaya will likely be affected if that is the case. Over 7,700 families in Phak Hai, Bangsai, Bang Pa-in, Sena and Bang Ban districts have been affected by the inundation. The number has been lower than the last flood by 2,000.