Flood Relief Operation Center Spokesperson updated the general public on the current flood situation


Prof. Tongthong Chantarangsu, FROC Spokesperson, updated the general public on the current flood situation.

Today, the FROC issued announcement No.11/2554, advising residents near Klong Premprachakorn to monitor the flood situation closely and prepare to move belongings to higher ground. This was a result of the necessity in opening up a number of flood walls that affected flood levels.

In the overall picture, the situation remains stable, with less flood water from the north passing through Nakon Sawan. There is also less floodwater on the western side of Bangkok, and the water levels in Bangpa-In and northern Pathumthani have receded at 2-3 cm per day. In the past two weeks, water levels have lowered at around 60 cm, or 2 feet.

On the eastern front, the Irrigation Department and BMA have worked together to speed up the flow of water out through Klong Rangsit, and the BMA is to speed up the pushing out of water through Klong Saen Sap to the Bangpakong River. This may cause a temporary overflow in some districts like Bung Kum, Kannayao, Sapan Soong, and Suan Luang, but this is a result of an intended and controlled action, not a natural or uncontrollable flow of flood water.

Concurrently, the Royal Thai Armed Forces is working to eliminate obstacles in pushing out water into Klong Bang Chan, Klong Lad Prao and the Klong under the Second Phase Expressway.

For the spring tide situation, the highest recorded level is 2.53 meters, slightly above the 2.5 meter capacity of the Chao Phraya embankment, causing some overflows out the riverbanks. However, on 2 November, the tides will lower and the Chao Phraya embankments will be fixed by 15 November before the next spring tide during the Loy Kratong festival. When this is done, we would be in a better position to cope.

As for Bangkok, the flood waters still remain on Paholyothin Rd at Wat Prasri Mahathat. Further west, Talingchan is experiencing a higher level of water that may flow over to nearby districts.

On Klong Prapa, most of the breached dikes had already been fixed and reinforced by the authorities, and water siphoned off. Water quality is still maintained, but slight odors may still be noticeable because of the flood waters.

The Donmuang Airport shelter, which can house 4,200 evacuees, now has only 250 persons requesting to stay there.

This afternoon Thitima Chaisaeng, the Government Spokesperson, announced that the Cabinet meeting resolved not to extend the holidays for government offices beyond 31October. This is to allow officials to be able to provide services to the public, and for continuous management of the situation. Prior to this, the Cabinet had resolved that government officials affected by the floods can take days off, which would not be considered as leave days. The PM herself was consulted on this and it was agreed that all agencies would take care of their affected staff, while ensuring no interruption to important government measures and operations in assisting the public.

30 October 2011, 22.38 hrs.
Flood Relief Operation Center (FROC)