Flood in Phetchburi town remains critical today


Flooding in Phetburi municipal area remained critical today with water level rising, forcing authorities to order the closure of all schools in the town.


The rising floodwater was the result of excess water released into the Phetchburi river from the Phetchburi dam, coupled with high sea level, causing the river to overflow and inundate wider areas in the town.

Authorities said the Phetkasem highway that passes through Phetchburi is still submerged on the section from Kilometre markers 159-160.

The flood level on the submerged section is from ankle to waist deep, making it difficult for cars and pickup trucks to pass, particularly on the outbound traffic lanes from Bangkok to the South.

But the two inbound lanes of the highway to Bangkok remain passable for all vehicles. Only the left lane is flooded.

Traffic from Bangkok to the South passing Phetchburi now was clogged at Kilometre 159 forming over two kilometres long traffic jam this morning.

Highway authorities have advised motorists driving to the South or to Hua Hin to avoid using Phetkasem highway to Phetchburi but use the Rama 2 highway instead by taking the Laem Bakbia road which is a 15 kilometre long coastal road running parallel to the shore from Mae Klong district of Samut Songkran to Cha-am district of Phetchburi.

Although the road is a two-way traffic lane, it is more convenient and the distance is almost the same as the flooded highway.

For motorists who have driven into Phetchburi, highway authorities have direct them to make a left turn at Kilometre 153+500 or at Makro super centre and use the 3204 highway that will lead to Ban Lat to avoid the flooded section of Phetkasem highway, and return back to Phetkasem at Kilometre 160+500.

Although the route is 15 kilometres longer, there is no flooding problem.


Meanwhile authorities said now three roads in Phetchburi town are impassable for all vehicles as the water level remains deep.

The three roads are Rajdamri, Damrongrak and Rajdamnern.

Water level in the town is rising thus morning due to high tide and water discharge from Phetburi dam.

But authorities were told by irrigation officials that the water level will recede tonight.