Flood overflows into Kaset intersection, causing heavy traffic jam


BANGKOK, Nov 1 — Floodwaters at Kasetsart University in Bang Khen has overflowed to flood Kaset intersection, causing a heavy traffic jam in the area, while the peak Chao Phraya River water level is forecast at 2.48 metres above mean sea level at 12.30pm.

Water at Kaset intersection has inundated Ngamwongwan Road from Bang Khen intersection to Kaset intersection 30-40 centimetres deep. The police recommend that avoid attempting to drive through the area.

On Vibhavadi Road inbound, from the Yakult factory to Vibhavadi Hospital, flooding is 50cm deep and passenger vehicles cannot pass.

Chaeng Wattana Road, inbound and outbound, from Pak Kret to Klong Prapa is still dry but the high level of flood water near the Bang Khen roundabout means that passenger vehicles and pickup trucks cannot pass.

The road in front of Thailand’s Government Centre on Chaeng Wattana Road is under 60cm of water and government officials must brave the high water to work. Water has flooded the office of the Department of Special Investigation (DSI).

Meanwhile, the Royal Thai Navy’s Department of Hydrography forecast that the highest water level of Chao Phraya River on Tuesday will reach 2.48 metres above mean sea level at 12.30pm.