Flashfloods hit Ranong while rivers rise in Kanchanaburi


Ranong – Flashfloods have impacted farms and homes in Thailand’s Ranong province after days of heavy rain, while citizens along the Kwae Noi and Mae Klong rivers in Kanchanaburi province have been told to move property to higher ground.

Rainfall since August 6 in Ranong province has caused forest runoff to inundate areas of the province’s Kapur district with over 100 households affected and more citizens impacted by difficult travel. Police, volunteers and administrators have joined forces with 40 soldiers from Rattanarangsan Army Camp to help members of the public move their belongings and to rescue those trapped at home.

Releases from Vajiarlongkorn and Srinakarin dams have raised the water levels of the Kwae Noi and Mae Klong rivers. The releases were necessary to prepare the reservoirs to take on more rainwater over the next two months but Kanchanaburi Governor Jirakriat Phumsawad has ordered all 13 districts to follow the situation closely and take appropriate precautions.

The rising river waters have yet to impact any shoreline communities or businesses with fish farms reporting no effects as of yet. The levels are still well under crisis levels.