Flash floods hit southern provinces


NAKHON SI THAMMARAT, Jan 2 – Flash floods, triggered by heavy rainfall, hit southern provinces, prompting evacuation in some at-risk areas.

Rain has continued for three days in Nakhon Si Thammarat, with about half the population of Thepparat sub-district in Sichon district evacuated Sunday night as a flash flood rushed down the mountainside and the water in a canal became reddish and muddy.The area was earlier hit by a landslide in March.

In Phunpin district, a flash flood hit two villages and in Nobphitam district, damaged a bridge, making it unusable.

In Songkha, the U-tapao Canal overflowed its banks, flooding homes and farms. More than 1,000 residents have been affected by floodwater as much as one metre deep.

Provincial irrigation authorities have expedited draining water from two swollen canals into Songkhla Lake.

Inbound and outbound sections of Phetchakasem Road in Songkhla’s Hat Yai business district are under deep water, impassable for small vehicles. Motorists must use alternate roads.

A canal burst its banks, flooding communities, a school and a temple in outer areas of town as high as half a metre. Residents moved their belongings to higher ground.

In Phatthalung, continuous rainfall triggered a flash flood from the Bantad Mountains to inundate Kong Ra district. Residents of Bankohtae have been cut off from the outside world and are under almost two metres of water, being forced to use boats on the raging flood to buy food and drinking water.