Flash flood cuts railway, roads in North


PHRAE, June 8 – Flash floods have hit several areas in Phrae, cutting a rail line, while train service to the north have been suspended in Uttaradit.

A number of local roads in Phrae’s Den Chai district were cut off and soil on mountainsides slid down, blocking roads. Flooding is as deep as two metres in some spots. Ban Huay Rai school was forced to close.

A section of the rail track in Denchai district was swept away by floodwaters after become loosened, prompting a Bangkok-Chiang Mai special express train to stop at Sila-ard station in Uttaradit. Passengers were transported to their destination by buses. Continued heavy rains interfered with railway repairs.

In Phichit, a week-long heavy downpour caused the Yom River to become swollen, and it overflowed its banks in Sam Ngam district, flooding homes. Local residents moved their belongings and pets to higher ground as their homes are under one metre of water. Floodwaters continue to rise due to continuing rainfall.