Flames engulfed 150-year-old maritime market in Bang Pli


SAMUT PRAKAN, 21 May 2014  – A 150-year-old maritime market in Bang Pli District, Samut Prakan Province was gutted by fire last night. 

The market, which consists of about 50 wooden structures and buildings crammed together in a small area of 150 square meters, quickly caught fire and spread as harsh winds helped propel the blaze.

Firefighters and fire trucks faced difficulty to reach the blaze due to the market’s condensed structural layout. They were only able to contain the blaze, preventing it from spreading beyond the market. The fire was completely put out after 2 hours.

The ancient maritime market is located near Luang Pho To Temple on Samrong Canal in Bang Pli Yai Sub-district, Samut Prakan Province. Officials are currently investigating the cause of the blaze.


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