Five religious leaders urge Thais to join nationwide prayers for peace on April 18th


BANGKOK, 15 April 2014  – Leaders of Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, and Sikhism in Thailand have urged all Thais to join them in a nationwide prayer for peace on April 18th.

The 5 religious leaders urged all sides, particularly politicians, to leave ego and selfishness behind, turn to each other with understanding and create unity among Thai communities by practicing their respective religious teachings in daily life, aiming to solve the ongoing political conflict and bring about peace to the kingdom.

The religious leaders urged all Thais to join them in a prayer this Friday, April 18th at religious places nationwide, suggesting Buddhist residents in Bangkok to gather at Suthat Monastery and Muslims to meet at the Thai-Islamic Center in Suan Luang District.

Catholics can meet up at the Assumption Cathedral while members of other Christian communities can join the prayer at any Rom-Yen Church. Hindu followers are urged to meet at a church on Bann Dinsor Road, or at the Hindu Samaj Association on Siripong Road. Sikh followers are encouraged to meet at the Sikh Association of Thailand on Chak Phet Road.