First NLA deliberation of impeachment motion against 248 former MPs on June 26


BANGKOK, 24 June 2015 – The National Legislative Assembly is scheduled to hold its first deliberation on the impeachment motion against hundreds of former members of parliament, on Friday.

Spokesman, the NLA whip Jate Sirataranont said that the reform council has set an agenda for June 26 to start the deliberation of the impeachment motion of 248 former MPs who were allegedly involved in the illegal amendment of the previous Constitution.

Mr. Jate said that the session on Friday will be the first in this case and will allow all the accused to submit more documents and a list of additional witnesses.

He added that, after the first session, the NLA will schedule a date for the opening statement which will likely be during July 15 and 17.

The NLA whip said that the legislature has not yet been informed who among the 248 former MPs will be delivering the opening statement or if there will be any requisition for additional evidence or witnesses.