Fire at plastic beads warehouses in Chachoengsao affects residents


CHACHOENGSAO, 02 September 2015 – Residents living near the plastic beads warehouse that caught fire in Chachoengsao Province this week, have complained of a stench emanating from the scene of the blaze. They have also implored provincial public health officials to check their physical condition.

The fire was reported early on the morning of August 31st at the plastic beads warehouses of PVJ Plastic Co., Ltd. in Ban Pho District. Although the flames have been put out, the presence of toxic smog can still be felt in the nearby area. The fumes have started having a negative effect on the local people’s health. Several have suffered from severed cases of vomiting and skin rashes. The residents are requesting assistance from the local health officials.

Meanwhile, a school located within a kilometer of the fire scene has temporarily shutdown after the smog reached its perimeter and caused illnesses among the staff and students.

Officials are still investigating the cause of the blaze.