Fine Arts Department confirms no plan to demolish historic building


The Fine Arts Department has confirmed that it has no plans to dismantle a building in Phuket; the structure is nearly a century old and can be considered an archaeological site.


Deputy Director-General of the Fine Arts Department Kajorn Mukmeeka denied claims on social media that the department is planning to demolish the Boonpat Building located inside the compound of the Vachira Phuket Hospital.

Word had earlier spread that the hospital was planning to construct a new building to accommodate up to 298 in-patients and that three old buildings, including the Boonpat Building, must be torn down to allow for the expansion.

Mr. Kajorn added that he will also propose the registration of the Boonpat Building, which is nearly 100 years old, as an archaeological site, after he has inspected its details.

He went on to say that the initial assessment found considerable damage to the building’s structure and it needs serious restoration and an adjustment of its surrounding landscape to survive intact over time.