Finance Ministry: 2013 economic stability framework to further drive growth


BANGKOK, 28 May 2013 The Finance Ministry has expressed confidence that the 2013 economic stability framework will help drive the local economy to grow further. 

Permanent Secretary for Finance Areepong Bhoocha-oom said on Tuesday that the Finance Ministry’s introduction of the 2013 economic stability framework is expected to continuously help drive the country’s GDP through the implementation of both short- and long-term plans.

Mr. Areepong stated, under the framework, the government will also focus on efficient disbursement of state investment budget in the third and the fourth quarter as well as the speeding up of foreign currency-denominated loan payment by state enterprises.

He explained that the prime minister has hoped that the 2013 economic stability framework will enable all economic agencies to work integratively to spur growth.

In addition, the Permanent Secretary for Finance denied reports, which suggested that Deputy Permanent Secretary for Finance Supa Piyajitti was removed from her post for releasing to the public that the state-initiated rice pledging scheme has suffered over 200 billion baht in loss.