Farmers gather and prepare to oust government


BANGKOK 20 March 2014  Disgruntled farmers will today gather in an attempt to pressure the government to call it quits, says the President of Thai Farmers. 

According to President of Thai Farmers Ravi Roongreung, there will today be a gathering of farmers to protest against the government. The would-be protesting farmers will be from many different provinces, such as Chachoengsao, Prajuab Kirikhan, Petchaburi, Sing Buri, Kamphaeng Phet, Chainat, and Ang Thong.

The group will be arriving at the capital in approximately 100 pickups and 6-wheel trucks before gathering at the Ministry of Commerce in their attempt to oust the government.

The location of the protest site, however, has not been disclosed.

The reason for the farmers to hold such a protest is attributed to the government’s inefficiency in resolving the current problems for the farmers, added Ravi.