Factories in Samut Sakhon checked as smog persists


Samut Sakhon – Samut Sakhon authorities have stepped up measures in all respects to bring down particulate matter or PM 2.5 levels after seeing readings peak for several days.

Water spraying panels each comprising 824 nozzles, have been installed 60 meters above Rama 2 Road in Samut Sakhon to help alleviate the air pollution crisis. The panels were invented by Singchai Industries Co Ltd and successfully trialed at the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment.

The panels are to work in four hour intervals throughout the day and add to ongoing efforts to clean up the air along the roadway.

Authorities in the province have also launched an inspection of industrial facilities using furnaces for energy. Four have so far been visited with another 500 to be checked for emissions.

Samut Sakhon District Chief Wuthipong Supakawanich explained that the first factory to be visited was a metal smelting facility that was thought to be producing PM 2.5 emissions. Such factories are mandated by law to operate air filters over their furnaces.