Experts confirm Phuket will never sink


BANGKOK, 21 April 2012 – Experts have come out to assure the public that Phuket will never sink even if it is hit by a strong earthquake. 

Department of Mineral Resources Director Lertsin Raksakulwong said that the public should not worry about the possible sinking of Phuket for its earth structure is made of granite, unlike the case of Krakatoa in Indonesia, a volcanic island that is made of lava.

Regarding the aftershock measured at magnitude 3.3 in the Richter scale in Phuket on Friday, Mr. Lertsin said that such a tremor is considered moderate and has not caused any damage.

He added that a series of aftershocks still continued in Phuket because of the active shifting of plates around the fault lines, which is expected to carry on for another week or so.

Meanwhile, the latest inspection trip by the ICT Ministry Inspector-General in Phuket found that some warning towers could not function properly and are to receive maintenance service within one week.

Phuket Governor Tree Akharadecha is another official who has come out to assure that the Phuket will not sink while asking the public not to believe in rumors about such speculations, currently spreading on online social network.

Reporters said that the general atmosphere in this popular tourist island remains normal and the tourism industry is still business as usual, with foreign visitor number rising by more than 10 percent.