Erawan Shrine crime-enactment boosts public confidence


BANGKOK, 27 September 2015 – The crime-enactment by the prime suspect involved in the Bangkok bombing attack at Erawan Shrine in Ratchaprasong area has boosted the public confidence as seen from the livelier atmosphere at the popular tourist spot. 

Visitors at Erawan Shrine said they felt more relieved to see the presence of security officials around frequently-visited areas, and to know that some of the key suspects were arrested. Retailers at Ratchaprasong said their sales had picked up by 20 percent as tourists began to come back.

Police officers escort a key suspect in last month’s Bangkok bombing, yellow shirt, identified as Adem Karadag . (AP Photo/Sakchai Lalit)

Suspect Adem Karadag was escorted to the Hindu shrine on 26 September to perform the crime enactment amid tight security. Police are preparing to hold a press conference on the case on 28 September.

Tourists said the media coverage of the progress in the case did have a positive psychological effect on them. Visitors and local people also admitted that the 17 August blast taught them to be more vigilant.