Engineers inspect riverbank erosion in Chainat


CHAINAT – Experts from the Department of Public Works and Town and Country Planning have visited an area in Chainat Province where severe riverbank erosion has occurred. 

The investigation team, led by head engineer Kiattisak Chantra, attributed the riverbank collapse at the Noy River to heavy rains that fell on 9-10 November, which caused landslides in several spots. Experts said the causes of the riverbank erosion were due to an abrupt recession of water levels, construction of new riverside roads, marshy soil, and the bank’s frequent exposure to running water.

The collapse heavily damaged a riverside road and a number of nearby houses. Chainat Provincial Administrative Office and Chainat Municipality have now installed warning signs throughout affected areas. Related agencies have also been instructed to regulate the loads of passing trucks for safety reasons. Meanwhile, the governor has ordered the installation of a temporary bridge to facilitate traffic.

The Department of Public Works and Town and Country Planning is preparing to review its embankment construction plan for 2016 to focus its priority on other disaster-prone zones.