Energy peak could hike electricity bills


BANGKOK – Soaring temperatures have pushed energy usage to 30,303.4 Megawatts (MW) per day, the year’s highest figure so far and possibly a cause for a hike in production cost.

Energy Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) Director for Electricity Production Management Rerngchai Kongthong disclosed that May 4 saw the year’s first energy usage peak at 30,303.4 MW. The spike, which took place at 2.20PM, coincided with a temperature of 35.2 degrees Celsius but did not hit last year’s top figure of 30,972.73 MW.

High electricity demand has been attributed to the high heat as citizens use electrical appliances to try to the weather the temperatures. The latest peak was likely only quelled by a public effort to use more energy efficient machines.

Rerngchai noted EGAT is closely monitoring energy usage as major spikes have taken place over the past 3 years. If usage rises to 32,059 MW, 3.5 percent higher than 2016, EGAT may have to activate its Bang Pakong and Ratchaburi generators and use auxiliary fuel, which would increase production costs and ultimately electricity bills for the public.