Employers can have Vietnamese migrant workers registered until year-end


BANGKOK – Employment Department director general Arak Prommanee disclosed the number of Vietnamese migrant workers registered with the authorities has totaled 109. Of that number 60 are males and 49 females.

A total of 58 employers have had their Vietnamese migrant workers register since February 10, 2015. The employers can have their Vietnamese migrant workers with valid passports register for a work permit at the employment offices across the country until December 31, 2015. The Vietnamese are only allowed to work as a fisherman, laborer, housemaid and restaurant waiter or waitress.

Migrant workers who have been employed without work permits are liable to a maximum of five years in prison or a maximum of 2,000 to 100,000 baht in fine or both while employers who hire any migrant workers without work permits will be fined 100,000 baht per one migrant worker.

Employers who hire any migrant workers who may have been earlier registered with another employer will be fined 10,000 baht per one migrant worker. Any migrant workers who have obtained work permits but failed to work under the terms and conditions specified in the work permit are legally punishable by a maximum of 20,000 baht in fine.