Emergency services and local residents help neglected elephant


Residents help ‘Phungbunma’, female elephant that had fallen in the eucalyptus jungle and could not get up on her own, she is a tour elephant that the mahout had tied from being ill.

The Sawang Boriboon Foundation who often are called upon to help people injured in road accidents and even the odd escaped crocodile were asked to come to the assistance of a far bigger animal on the 23rd of October – an elephant named ‘Phungbunma’ in an area vegetated with Eucalyptus not far from the Maaprachan reservoir.

Many residents had congregated along with the elephants Mahout and with the help of the Sawang Boriboon volunteers they were able to eventually get ‘Phungbunma’ back on her feet. Apparently Phungbunma had been tied up for ablout a month and had grown more and more weak, eventually falling over. She was given medication from the vets and will hopefully soon make a full recovery.