Election Commission making preparations to hold MP election


BANGKOK, 27 April 2014  – The Election Commission (EC) is ready to hold a new election for Members of Parliament and is preparing to revise election regulations to fill any legal gaps. 

Mr. Puchong Nutrawong, the EC Secretary General, said the EC will hold a meeting tomorrow on issues related to the new election date and about any revisions to regulations that have to do with the election. Candidates will be allowed to submit an application from outside their constituency or through registered mail or the Internet. There will be a polling station committee to fill in any legal gaps related to the election on February 2.

The EC has decided that July 20 is the most suitable date for the new election, although this may be adjusted to be a week before or after that date. The EC’s conclusion from tomorrow’s meeting about the election date will be discussed with the government on April 30. If all processes go smoothly, it is believed that the EC will be able to hold the election within 53 – 59 days after a royal decree is presented to His Majesty the King to be endorsed.