An elderly man arrested for killing a dog for its meat


A 60-year old man who was seen in the social media of dragging the carcass of a dog with a rope tied to its neck through a road in Ubon Ratchathani’s Phibul Mangsaharn district has been apprehended by police.

The man, identified as Mr Wichien Nonkaew, was taken into police custody from the house of a neighbor in Tambon Phibul, Phibul Mangsaharn district, where he had been hiding since his image with the dead dog was posted in the social media and drew a lot of criticism and condemnation.


Wichien admitted that he killed the dog for its meat to prepare food. He said that he killed the dog by the roadside because it refused to follow him to his lodging which is about one kilometer away.

He said he slit the dog’s throat, then sliced off the meat before he dragged its carcass through the road to be dumped.

Earlier, a neighbor, Mrs Kalya Boonchong, said she gave the 8-month old dog to Wichien after he asked for it claiming that he would like to raise it at his house. She added that this was the second dog that she gave it to him.

The suspect was this morning (Monday) taken to the crime scene to re-enact the office. He was later charged with cruelty against animal which is liable to two years imprisonment and/or 40,000 baht fine.