EGAT confident of efficient water management plan for dams


BANGKOK, 5 March 2012  – The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) is confident that the water management plans for the Bhumibol and Sirikit dams will be effective for the water situation this year. However, scarce rainfall during the drought season might cause damage to the agricultural sector. 

According to EGAT Governor Suthat Pattamasiriwat, the EGAT’s management plan of water in the dams is based on the government’s policy which aims to resolve the flood situation. At present, the Bhumibol Dam currently sees its water level at 65% of its holding capacity and has a daily water discharge rate of 60 million cubic meters. Meanwhile, the Sirikit Dam is currently holding water at 67% of its total capacity and has a daily water discharge rate of 40 million cubic meters. Water will continue to be released from these two dams until the end of April in order to lower the water level down to 45% of the dams’ holding capacity by May 1.

Currently, the combined water-holding capacity of the two dams amounts to7.3 billion cubic meters. However, following the planned water discharge, the holding capacity will increase to 10 billion cubic meters by April. Nevertheless, EGAT will closely monitor the Thai Meteorological Department’s forecast during the rainy season in order to modify its electricity usage and water discharge plans in accordance with the actual situation, as EGAT is concerned that there might not be sufficient water for agricultural use during the drought season.