EEC dubbed new driver of Thai economy


Bangkok – The Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) that straddles three eastern provinces of Thailand is emerging as the new driving engine of the Thai economy.

Tasanee Kiatpatraporn, the Deputy Secretary-General of the Eastern Economic Corridor Office of Thailand, recently commented that the EEC project is an appropriate mechanism to connect Thailand to neighboring nations, targeting a broad revitalization of manufacturing activities within the 13,300-sq-km area, which embraces the provinces of Chonburi, Rayong and Chachoengsao.

During the past two months, she said Thailand has held six overseas roadshows in Japan, China, England, France, South Korea, and Hong Kong to inform foreign investors of the successful initiative. All the roadshows were well-received, according to Tasanee.

The EEC project is centered on 10 targeted industries: next-generation automotive and smart electronic manufacturing, high-income tourism, medical tourism, bio and agricultural technology, food innovation, automation and robotics, aerospace, bioenergy, biochemicals, digital technology, and advanced medical and health care activities.

Tasanee anticipates that the three EEC provinces will grow at the rate of 5% a year, bringing in no less than 100 billion baht a year in tax collection and generating more than 450 billion baht a year for local residents.