EC working on 20-year national strategy


BANGKOK – The Election Commission (EC) has held a forum to hear opinions on its draft 20-year national strategy, which was drawn up with the intent to serve as a mechanism for democratic prosperity in the nation.

The forum, titled “20 Year Strategy: Every Voice Heard with Fairness Towards Quality Democracy” was opened by EC member Somchai Srisuthiyakorn, who stressed the need for the draft plan, saying the EC needs guidelines for the future that are in step with the government’s goals and attuned to present circumstances. He asserted that the current panel of commissioners will spend the remainder of their term pushing important works even if the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) tomorrow decides to reset the entire body.

He also commented on the EC’s review of stockholdings by nine cabinet ministers, assuring the act was not in retaliation over the possible resetting, but a necessity based on the commission’s duties, reminding that the final decision on the matter will be made by the Constitution Court.

On the 20-year national strategy, Somchai said its heart is to make polling the answer to national problems, for voting to be a mechanism for resolution. The plan is to achieve the goals through five strategies, which include organizing accessible polls through the use of innovations, legitimizing polls, and garnering public participation in the polls.

The EC is also to improve political parties so that they may serve as institutions of political strength.