Early voters advised to recheck numbers of candidates


Chiang Mai – The Election Commission has advised early voters who will be casting their ballot on Sunday to recheck the numbers of the candidates running in their respective constituencies.

The Election Commission’s Chiang Mai office Director Kriangkrai Pandokmai advised the registered early voters who will go to the polls on 17 March 2019 to follow procedures in order to avoid confusion.

He suggested the early voters should recheck for the names and numbers of the candidates, present their ID card at respective voting units, sign on the registration paper, sign or stamp their right thumb to receive the ballot, carefully check the numbers of the candidates, along with party names and logos on the ballot paper and mark an X sign to vote for only one person in the ballot paper, or on the Vote No box, fold the ballot paper before putting it into the ballot box.

The early voters are advised to carefully verify the number of each candidate running in their constituency.

The voters are prohibited by law from carrying the ballot paper out of the voting unit or make any sign which might possibly give suggestions to others or show the signed ballot paper to others. Alleged violators may be subject to an imprisonment or a fine or both and may have their suffrage revoked by court.