Dusit Zoo brings albino wallabies for Bangkokians’ admiration


BANGKOK, April 26 – A group of albino wallabies, restricted kangaroo-like animals imported from Australia, have been brought from Thailand’s Northeast to the Thai capital’s Dusit Zoo for Thais to admire until the end of June.

Wallabies are a species in the kangaroo family, a distinctive form of Australia’s native wildlife. A perfect wallaby weighs between 11-26 kg and is over one metre in length from head to tail. Its life span is three years on average and it has general characteristics like a kangaroo. A baby wallaby lives in its mother’s pouch for as long as one year and a half.

Bangkok’s Dusit Zoo brought five albino wallabies from a national park in Khon Kaen and Udon Thani provinces.