DTAC invests 1.2 billion baht on 3G


BANGKOK, 10 April 2011 (NNT)– Jon Eddy Abdullah, CEO of Total Access Communication PLC (DTAC), reveals a 1.2 billion baht expansion with the 3G HSPA service at 850 megahertz, which will cover 1,220 stations in order to seek for constructive solutions with CAT Telecom Public Company Limited and launch commercial services
Alternatively, during January to February, the Board of Directors Section 22 of regulatory concessions had allowed DTAC to provide commercial services, hence prompting the company to provide further investments. However, if there are no resolutions with CAT Telecom within three months time, the alternate approaches would include seeking reform with the Office of The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commissions, or appeal to the court. By expanding to regional areas, DTAC’s investment could also be interpreted as a productive development. Access to data and content is now available for the masses and not only for privileged smart phone users.

Mr. Abdullah says that DTAC could tolerate a waiver claim and that the company is also willing to respond to preliminary damage claims. However, the company is ready to comply to any solutions with CAT Telecom and expects the 3G investment to be most valuable for customers and the country.