Drug eradication in the south proven to be effective


BANGKOK, 26 September 2011 -Fourth Army Region Chief Lt General Udomchai Thammasarotrat said drug eradication operation in the South of Thailand in the past two months had been proven to be effective with the number of abusers and dealers reduced by 40%. 

Under the so called ‘581 operation’, 8 important steps had been taken to get everyone involved in the process. Authorities and residents have been working alongside which has helped make the mission easier to achieve result and reduce the workload for authorities.

The authorities now had access to the suspects as 615 villages and mosques had joined the operation. The officers working under the 581 operation show respect to Muslims when they are doing their job.

They also get involved on a community level particularly with the teenagers who are prone to joining the extremist groups. The Fourth Region Army Chief added that the operation would be more intense in a bid to stamp out drug addiction problems in communities in the South.


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