Drought situation in Chaiyaphum reaches crisis point


Bangkok – Many provinces nationwide are suffering from water shortages while regions of Chaiyaphum are facing a severe drought disaster. The water volume in the Chulabhorn Dam in the province has decreased to its lowest level in 30 years, only 25 percent of its capacity or about 42 million cubic meters of water. Meanwhile, the Chi River has dried up and rice on hundreds of thousands of rai of land is gradually dying from a lack of water.

In the urban area, which is an important economic quarter of Chaiyaphum, a small volume of water is being released from the Lam Pa Thao Dam. If it doesn’t rain in the next two weeks, it may be necessary to reduce the water pressure and distribute water according to a planned schedule to ensure an adequate supply.

Further north in Udon Thani, farmers in irrigated areas are also suffering from a water shortage after a lack of rainfall in the region. Water is being allocated from Nong Samrong reservoir, which currently contains 1.5 million cubic meters of water, to the rice fields of farmers in order to revive the withered rice.