Drought hits provinces across Thailand hard


BANGKOK, 10 July 2015 – Many provinces in regions across Thailand continue to be hit by the drought crisis, brought on by a long period of below-normal rainfall.

In Buengkarn, local authorities were unable to pump water from underground to supply farmers and residents due to drying canals and groundwater sources. A backhoe has been used to further pump up the water, which is red, mucky and undrinkable.

Chachoengsao authorities also found the level of salinity in their tap water soaring past standard level. Raw water sources are being procured to ensure adequate supply of water for residents. The province is purchasing water from the private sector and the Irrigation Department to relieve the drought condition.

Farmers in Nakhon Sawan, meanwhile, can do nothing but watch more of their crops dying due to severe water shortage. They are hoping for more rains later in the season to salvage the remainder of the crop in their farms.