Government allows unregistered boats 2-month period of grace


PATTANI, 10 July 2015 – The government has answered the plea of unregistered fishing boats by allowing them to catch fish for another two months, in a bid to maintain seafood supplies and stabilize market prices.

Unregistered fishing vessels have been allowed to go to sea again, after being forced to stay in port for more than ten days. The government decided to give these boats a two-month grace period to operate at sea while applying for fishing licenses and registration.

The announcement prompted a number of fishing operators to resume activities and gave their crews the opportunity to earn an income. Meanwhile, fresh fish markets regained some of their normal busy atmosphere, as licensed boats returned from sea and replenished stocks, causing prices to moderate accordingly.

All unregistered boats must acquire the correct type of license and registration within the two-month period of grace or face tough penalties.