Dr. Sumet urges for promotion of morality to fight corruption


BANGKOK, 16 December 2013 Secretary-General of the Chaipattana Foundation, Dr. Sumet Tantivejkul, has urged all to practice good morals and ethics in order to eradicate corruption in the country. 

The comment came during a seminar entitled “Preparing Thailand for the AEC by Instilling Transparency” held at the Convention Hall of Srinakarinwirot University in Bangkok.

Dr. Sumet, in his capacity as President of the Foundation for a Clean and Transparent Thailand, told the attendees that he felt deeply saddened when he saw people wearing t-shirts with a message discouraging corruption. He said that it is a sign that corruption in the country is at a critical point where people need to be reminded to steer clear from it.

He therefore recommended all to use the sufficiency economy philosophy of His Majesty the King as a guide, while stressing the importance of having good morals and doing good deeds.

Aside from giving his speech, the Secretary-General of the Chaipattana Foundation also handed out awards to winners of the research project on transparency organizations. Representatives from Payap University won the first place, while runners-up were those from the National Institute of Development Administration, Sripatum University, Assumption University and the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce.