DPM Chalerm: Most of the drugs in Thailand come from neighboring countries


BANGKOK, 5 June 2013, The Police Narcotics Suppression Bureau has announced the seizure of almost 1 million pills of methamphetamine from four 4 recent major drug busts. 

Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Yubumrung said at a press conference that the first drug haul involved 7 Hmong tribesmen trying to deliver 500,000 meth pills from the northern region. Their cars were intercepted in Ban Mo District, Saraburi Province.

In the second case authorities arrested a young man said to belong to a major drug ring while he was delivering 2,000 meth pills in the central district of Chiang Mai. Police also found 5 million baht cash in his possession.

In the third roundup, check-point officials in Chumphon Province intercepted drug smugglers running 300,000 pills of the addictive substance from the central region to the South. Suspects confessed they had received the pills from Phetchaburi and were paid to deliver them to Narathiwat Province.

The last case involved 4 Hmongs smuggling 100,000 meth pills to brokers in Phetchabun Province.

The Deputy Prime Minister stressed that most of the pills circulated in Thailand were produced and smuggled in from neighboring countries. He added that integrated efforts by the police, military and local officials are needed to eradicate the issue sustainably.