Dog traffickers arrested; 20,000 dogs already slaughtered


BANGKOK, 28 March 2013A gang of dog traffickers has been arrested by a Mekong River patrol unit in Nong Khai province.

Three persons, including two dog sellers and one buyer, were arrested by the Mekong River Operation Unit as they were bargaining the price of dogs.

The sellers reportedly came in two pickup trucks, with about 90 dogs between them to sell. One of the sellers said he had gone through villages to acquire unwanted dogs from villagers, sometimes for free.

The buyer confessed to running a business buying dogs in lots from sellers for 300 baht per dog, and slaughtering them before selling their meat for 40 baht per kilogram wholesale, or 60 baht per kilogram retail.

He admitted he had slaughtered over 20,000 dogs since he started his business in 2007.