Digital minister is willing to work with opponents of computer law


The Ministry of Digital Economy and Society is ready to clarify to all doubters and opponents of the computer crime law and to work with them as well as other parties concerned so that the law will be acceptable by the majority.


Digital Economy and Society Minister Pichet Darongkaveroj stressed the need for an updated computer crime law to cope with the fast development of digital technology.

As the world is on transition towards digital system, he said people in the society too must adapt and adjust and so does the Thai society.

Pointing out at the misunderstanding toward the new computer crime law, the minister noted that the people who misunderstand the law account for just 5-10 percent, but they could post a problem to Thailand’s transition to digital economy and society.

Nevertheless, he said it was necessary to clear up the doubt and misunderstanding so that all parties could work together in harmony to achieve the objective.

The minister reiterated that the law has nothing to do with single gateway and will not threaten public right of access to information and liberties.

He also denied that the law would give enormous power to the screening committee which is authorized to censor contents from the websites.

The ministry’s deputy permanent secretary Somsak Khaosuwan, meanwhile, disclosed that police have arrested several youths who were involved in the crashing of government’s websites in the past few days.

He said the youths would be spared legal actions, but they would be made to undergo attitude adjustment so they understand the computer crime law accurately.