Destruction of 300 tons counterfeit and pirated goods


BANGKOK – At the 11th Infantry Regiment King’s Guard, Bangkok: Deputy Prime Minister General Pravit Wongsuwan, revealed that the event was the result of cooperation between agencies in the Sub-Committee on Security Operation Command, the Department of Intellectual Property, Ministry of Commerce, the Royal Thai Police, the Thai Customs Department, the Department of Special Investigations, the Public Relations Department and intellectual property rights owners.

Thailand News 11-03-17 1 NNT Destruction of 300 tons counterfeit and pirated goods.1JPG

At the destruction ceremony 2017, counterfeit and pirated goods from across the country, were destroyed. There were 3,639,679 items, weighing an estimated 300 tons, and worth 1,756 million baht. Counterfeit and pirated goods confiscated by the Royal Thai Police numbered 276,643 items: those identified by the Thai Customs Department numbered 2,915,525 items and other items confiscated by the Department of Special Investigations numbered 447,511 items. The variety of seized IPR infringing goods included clothes, belts, watches, footwear, cell phones, CDs, DVDs, glasses, cosmetics, caps, and quilts.

Deputy Prime Minister General Pravit Wongsuwan stated that these counterfeits and pirated goods are destroyed, as are all illegal products. The destruction of IPR infringing goods in the final judgment is the last step of enforcement which should proceed with transparency and accountability. The IPR owners can rest assured that no IPR infringing goods will ever be redirected into the channels of commerce or exported to foreign countries, so as to comply fully with the TRIP Agreement.