Deputy Foreign Minister: Thailand makes anti-human trafficking progress


BANGKOK, Jan 12 —  The Thai government has tackled human trafficking well in the past six months and did it better than other countries in the same Tier 3 watch list of the United States, according to Deputy Foreign Minister Don Pramudwinai.

Solutions to human trafficking in the past six months were comprehensive, including legal efforts, and were made as a national agenda priority which led to improvements in many areas, Mr Don said.

“Regarding legal efforts, there is progress on three issues. A ministerial regulation was introduced to protect fishery workers. An anti-human trafficking law was passed to protect informants and authorities taking action. The National Legislative Assembly endorsed the fishery act to offer clearer protection to fishery workers and the fine ceiling is set at Bt30 million,” the deputy foreign minister said.

Besides, 130 cases of human trafficking were handled and 104 people were punished in the past year and the national verification of 1.6 million illegal alien workers recently registered would finish within March, he said.

“Solutions to human trafficking must take time but I would like to assure that the government is determined to solve the problem and hopes it will be eliminated in the country as soon as possible. The human trafficking situation in the country is positive because the government is doing its best. Thailand is considered as performing better than other countries in the same tier,” Mr Don said.

He also said past communications improved the United States’ understanding and impression regarding the human trafficking situation in Thailand.