Dept of Health to campaign for low-salt diet during 11-17 March


YALA, 4 March 2013 The Department of Health is set to launch a low-salt diet campaign in hopes of lowering the risk of kidney disease among Thais. 

Dr. Boonyong Rujirawan, Director of Regional Health Promotion Center – Yala said that the Department of Health is set to join the Nephrology Society of Thailand and the Royal College of Physicians of Thailand as well as related groups and agency to launch a low-salt diet campaign during March 11 and 17.

The campaign has been planned to mark the World Kidney Day, which falls on March 14 of every year.

Dr. Boonyong said that the campaign is intended to help alert Thais about the impact of salty diet and how to save their health from any related risks.

He stated that 1.5 million Thais, or 21.4% of the country’s population, were diagnosed with high-blood pressure in 2011, while 7.6 million or 17.5% suffered kidney disease.

Statistics also showed that around 750,000 or 1.4% of Thais were ill with acute myocardial infarction and some 500,000 others had stroke or paralysis.

Dr. Boonyong said that all of these illnesses are mainly caused by high-salt diet while Thais’ intake of salt and sodium tend to double the suggested level.

In order to prevent more people from suffering any illnesses caused by high-salt diet, often found in many Thai foods and snacks, the Department of Health is determined to rigorously provide better education and understanding about health diet to the public while encouraging them to engage in regular exercises.