Department warns of business contacts with 23,000 unreliable companies


The Bangkok Post has put a total of 22,992 companies on the list of firms having high risk for doing business with because of their unknown locations of offices and no submission of their annual financial statements.

T22-07-16-1-1The department’s director-general Ms Pongpun Gearaviriyapun said these companies were detected after the department carried out inspections of a total of 635,000 juristic persons registered with the department.

Officials found 22,992 of them in questions and they deserved special attention in doing business with, she said.

She advised businesses to be cautious in dealing business with these companies and should check through the department’s DBD E-Service application if they are good companies or not

She said companies with remarks at the end of the certifications for all juristic persons are those they needed special attention in dealing business with.


As the Bangkok Post reported, of the total 22,992 questionable companies, 7,293 were found to have no headoffices as registered, 4,054 failing to submit annual financial statements as required, and 11,293 not answering queries concerning their financial statements.

Others include direct sale network, or U fund, and 38 companies with names resembling famous companies.

The latest company detected is Tranlee Travel which was a nominee company in Phuket of which its operation license has been revoked.