Department of Disease Control warns people in South about chikungunya fever


Bangkok – The Department of Disease Control is warning people in the South about chikungunya fever after noting that recent rain has caused floods in many areas.

Dr Assadang Ruayajin, the deputy director of the Department of Disease Control, said that the continuous heavy rain in the South has flooded roads and filled gullies. This excess of water can lead to the breeding of aedes mosquitoes. Therefore, people are at risk of developing chikungunya fever.

From 1st January to 10th November, 642 cases of chikungunya fever were found, 638 of them in the South. The provinces with the highest numbers are Narathiwat, Satun, Songkhla, Trang and Phuket.

The public should constantly be aware of this disease by keeping their houses clean, getting rid of garbage and covering pools of water at their houses.

Anyone who has any questions about chikungunya fever can ask the Department of Disease Control at tel. 1422.