Democrat leader urges govt action to end political crisis


BANGKOK, Dec 27 – Democrat Party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva today called on the government to listen to public reservations on Thailand’s political crisis and urgently solve the escalating problems.

He said the government must avoid a repetition of the bloody incident at the Thai-Japanese stadium – the venue of registration for the February 2 general elections – yesterday when scores of people were killed and injured.

The former prime minister said the Election Commission (EC) has called on all quarters to help resolve the political turmoil but the government’s insistence in going ahead with the nationwide elections will plunge the country into deeper conflict.

All quarters including the private sector and the Thai Chamber of Commerce have warned that the government-initiated reform assembly won’t be the right answer but the government and the Pheu Thai Party would only concentrate on their status quo, he said.

“I’m surprised that the prime minister has been indifferent to the situation. The country’s administration doesn’t care to solve the problems. I believe the EC will exercise its power after the New Year as it stated earlier. I do hope the situation will not escalate to a civil war,” said Mr Abhisit.

The Democrat leader said former MP from Phitsanulok, Nakhon Machin, has tendered his resignation from the party – a normal phenomenon during an election season.