Democrat heavy-weights set to sue public prosecutor


BANGKOK, Oct 29 – Opposition Democrat leader Abhisit Vejjajiva and his deputy Suthep Thaugsuban said they would file a lawsuit against the Attorney General for mistreatment in their indictment against the pair for premeditated murder in the 2010 political upheaval.

They charged the Attorney General with attempting to force them to accept the controversial Amnesty Bill which, if passed, would grant blanket amnesty to those involved in the unrest, including core leaders and the authorities who gave out orders.

The former premier said he and Mr Suthep acted and made their commands in the 2010 protest in their capacities as state authorities and they should, instead, be investigated by the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC).

The Attorney General said yesterday that it was empowered to indict Mr Abhisit and Mr Suthep without having to go through the NACC’s investigative procedure.

The Democrat leader expressed suspicion on the Attorney General’s indictment without including the case of the armed men in black who were allegedly involved in the case.

He said the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) was not empowered to file lawsuits against them since they performed their duties as state officials.

The DSI charged them with refraining from performing their duties – a statement that justified the NACC’s investigation of the case, he said, adding that the DSI’s allegation that it was a murder case was self-contradictory.

Mr Abhisit said the Attorney General’s behaviour was not different from that of the DSI and they had no choice but to file a lawsuit against the public prosecutor.

He said the Democrat Party stood firm on its principle against the Amnesty Bill, indicating that the state was not authorised to pardon any offences concerning people’s deaths.

He vowed to intensity the protest against the Amnesty Bill and would petition the Constitution Court as well as participate in non-parliamentary social movement in his capacity as a Thai citizen.

“I strongly believe that lots of people agree with me that the bill is controversial and problematic. We will steadfastly oppose it. Please follow our movement inside and outside parliament,” said the Democrat leader.

Mr Suthep said he would never escape and would appear at the Attorney General’s Office on Thursday to acknowledge the allegation.

He said the public prosecutor’s action led him to believe that they wanted to pressure his party to accept to Amnesty Bill but “I assure you that they would be disappointed.”

“If the bill is submitted to the Lower House for the second and third readings, I will call on people nationwide who agree with us to stand up and fight against it,” he said.