Democrat dissappointed by the government´s achievement


BANGKOK, 27 September 2011 -Democrat Spokesperson Mr. Chawanont Intarakomalasut expressed his disappointment at the government, saying that no progress had been made in many areas of problem-solving.

Mr. Chawanont claimed that the establishment of the Truth for Reconciliation Committee and the Independent National Rule of Law Commission was to help Pheu Thai’s close allies.

He further cited other committees that had been appointed to solve issues such as flooding, southern insurgency or drug abuse did not make any progress. He claimed drug abuse continued to be a problem in Thailand while over 600,000 flood victims remained unassisted.

The Spokesperson said that the government should not have mentioned that these were their accomplishments when they had not been solved.

However, he admitted that the government had achieved in restoring Thailand’s relationship with Cambodia, but expressed his disagreement over the government’s move to exploit natural gas on the overlapping maritime zone between Thailand and Cambodia, citing that the issue had yet to be resolved.