Democracy awareness to be promoted in Thai education


BANGKOK, 3 December 2014 – The Political Development Council (PDC) has introduced 12 democratic principles to Thai education to promote a better understanding of democracy among students.

The Ministry of Education has recently accepted the PDC’s proposal that suggests schools promote democracy actively through lessons and student treatments.

Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Education Suthasri Wongsamarn said school should be a place where democracy is practiced.

Everyone from the school’s top management to janitors should be a role model for students whether they are trying to resolve a conflict or delivering an instruction about democracy.

A lesson plan must be adjusted according to grade levels so it would not be too difficult for young students to grasp the concept. They should also be encouraged to study the constitution as it is the supreme law of the land.

Mrs. Suthasri added that the PDC would also focus on civic duties. More content would be incorporated into the curriculum to encourage students of all ages to be responsible citizens.