Demands in labor market high for vocational graduates


BANGKOK – The Ministry of Labor is encouraging students in junior high-school level to consider vocational education as another option which has secured high demands in the labor market.

Ministry of Labor inspector general said a survey on labor demands from October 2016 to April 2017 saw employers notify the Department of Employment of a total of 219,896 vacancies, or an average of 31,414 vacancies per month, with 82,022 positions requiring graduates of vocational diplomas, followed by 71,759 vacancies for high-school diplomas and 29,639 positions for bachelor degrees or higher.

The Labor Ministry inspector said such figure shows the high demands for persons with vocational degrees, thus students in the junior high school level may consider advancing their education in vocational schools which will enable them to have income while studying, and have a job vacancy available for them after graduation.

Graduates from vocational schools can enhance their incomes by taking the Department of Skill Development’s standard tests to allow them to have up to 815 baht in daily income.