DDPM warns people to be careful during tropical storm


BANGKOK, 20 April 2012 -The Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation has warned people across the country not to stay under trees or any unstable structures when there is a tropical storm. 

DDPM Director General Mr. Wiboon Sanguanpong said that people living in many areas of Thailand are now experiencing bad weather conditions caused by the tropical storm. Gusty winds and thunders have been reported in various parts.

People should heed warnings and take extra cautions when leaving their homes. They need to make sure they can seek refuge in a place which is likely not going to collapse easily during the storm. They should also avoid being near objects that could easily be blown away such as signs, streetlights and trees.

When inside their homes, Mr. Wiboon advised that they close windows and doors tightly during thunder storms; they should not use a cell phone or use an umbrella with a metal tip as they could be struck by lightning.